Author on Sean Hannity’s Show in 2016

It is now painfully clear just how much virulent lies from right-wing media have fueled election fraud conspiracies and deadly domestic terrorism. By perpetuating and amplifying outlandish fantasies, millions of Americans are in a hyped up state about something that did not occur. But Fox and other conservative news and talk outlets have also contributed to, if not caused, even more harm on another front over a full blown crisis they willfully ignore.

I’m referring to their well-fueled disinformation campaign on climate and other life and death environmental issues. This effort has been going on for at least two…

Among the many outrageous lines and lies that came out of the most unconventional Republican National Convention (R.N.C. for Really No Clue?) the most egregious is what was said.

Over four nights of speeches, while several -natural disasters were wreaking havoc in Louisiana, Texas, and California — not a word was mentioned about what is making these weather events more hellacious.

Aside from the obligatory “thoughts and prayers go out to hurricane victims” — with zero mention of the devastating California fires (Blue state bias?) …

Both the Planet and People Have a Fever
Both the Planet and People Have a Fever

Much is being discussed, written, and lamented about the head-spinning, heartbreaking, and far-reaching impacts the coronavirus is having on all of us.

Unfortunately, far less is being said about the underlying environmental factors behind the pandemic.

In the wake of the 50th anniversary of Earth Week and as we enter the fourth month of the pandemic’s arrival in the states, it is worth noting stark contrasts between the urgent response to COVID-19 and the slower-moving — but even deadlier — climate crisis.

Indeed, both are characterized by frightening fevers: the first, afflicting people; the second, our warming planet. …

Climate Convergence outside CNN Lounge at Sundance

Unlike Hollywood reporters on a deadline, I have the luxury of waiting a week or two before writing about films I’ve been fortunate to screen at Sundance. As an independent creator of media focused on environmental issues and climate content, I love attending what I call the “Altitude without Attitude” festival. The mood at Sundance is always light, with a party atmosphere, in sharp contrast to many of the docs, which tend to be about darker subjects.

The access to A-list actors, big-name producers, and media company executives is relatively barrier-free in the relaxed settings where they appear as speakers…

If that headline sounds like an extreme statement consider this: Hardly any Republicans in Congress favor serious action on climate change according to RL Miller, founder of Climate Hawks Vote. Miller cites the vote on an anti-carbon-tax amendment, Res. 119 as just one recent example but there are too many to recount here. Whether it’s Marco Rubio’s double speak on human caused climate change or Donald Trump’s incorrect insistence that “other scientists dispute the findings” of his own government’s conclusions, the overall Republican response to the worsening climate crisis has ranged from pathetic to non-existent.

Even without the Trump administration’s…

By Betsy Rosenberg

The Trump administration’s recent attempt to repeal the impact and importance of President Obama’s Clean Power plan is too galling for words — particularly in light of the timing, coming in the midst of a Code Red hot summer. The President, who tells us not to believe what we see and hear, and his people who proclaim that “truth isn’t truth” and that there are “alternative facts” are now trying to sell the “Affordable Clean Energy rule” to an unsuspecting public.

Don’t be fooled, or fueled — the rollbacks proposed are neither clean nor affordable, especially considering…

Betsy Rosenberg

I am a former CBS Radio journalist, later hosted/produced the nation’s first daily green show, now a writer & media commentator on climate, environmental news.

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